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OBSERVER Photo by Jordan W. Patterson The annual Fredonia Farm Festival parade drew many to the heart of the village on Sunday.

Sirens could be heard. Police, ambulances and fire engines could be seen in downtown Fredonia. But in fact, it was time for celebration.

The annual Farm Festival hosted its yearly parade to bring the festival to an end, Sunday afternoon. Temple Street in Fredonia was lined with people from the community on either side awaiting the parade. Police on horseback, firemen manning fire engines and various cheerleading and dance groups performed outside of the police station to cap off the Farm Festival.

Food continued sizzling into the latter half of festivities and classic cars were organized on Church Street in two rows for the car show. Also, both blocks of the park remained jam-packed until the close of the festival.Activity Director of Fredonia Grange No. 1 Jennifer Mackey was delighted to be helping with the Farm Festival and thought that this year’s festival was just as good as previous years and more.

“We’ve had a lot of compliments on how smoothly it’s running,” Mackey said of the Farm Festival. “A lot of vendors are happy with the sales. … We have a nice crowd this year.”

Mackey also praised how efficient the procession of the parade was and enjoyed it, as well.

“Good participants here, very entertaining,” Mackey said of the parade.

Mackey also estimated by the amount of the cars lined up on Church Street that the number of vehicles in the car show was more than last year’s total.

She was right. The car show was tracking on Sunday at almost double the amount of participants than last year at 69 cars. Last year, only 46 cars registered for the car show all day.

Despite all of the events and vendors on the last day of the Farm Festival, Mackey enjoyed the community aspect of the festival the most.

“The community comes together and it offers a place to enjoy concerts and a different variety of vendors,” Mackey explained. “A nice variety, that’s why I like it because it brings the community together.”

Performances during the parade took place in front of a stage that was positioned across the street from the doors of the Fredonia Opera House and the police station. Applause from each side of the crowd rang out after each respective organization performed for the attendees and then seamlessly marched forward.

Robert and Kim Cerrie were watching the parade Sunday afternoon and were on their way to the final hours of the Farm Festival when they praised this year’s parade and what the Farm Festival represents.

“We enjoyed it very much,” Robert Cerrie said.

Robert’s and Kim’s favorite feature of the parade were the performances by the cheer and dance groups. Admittedly, Kim and Robert had family members participating in those performances.

“I love it,” Kim Cerrie said of the Farm Festival, “because I like to see all the arts and crafts and I love the waffles.”

Robert Cerrie pointed to the economic benefits of having a parade and a festival.

“I just like it for the village of Fredonia,” he said. “It gives everyone a little bit of business in Fredonia.”

The two of them agreed that the Farm Festival’s greatest aspect is how it brings old friends and the community together.



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