Classic British race car conclave draws US and UK enthusiasts

WACO, Texas (KWTX) More than two dozen antique model British race cars were on display in front of Indian Spring Park in Waco Monday as part of the Austin Healey Car Club Conclave.

For the first time since 2004 the conference was held in Texas and for the very first time in Waco.

Car enthusiasts from across the United States and the United Kingdom travel to Central Texas to swap stories, learn about restoring these vehicles, and get in on some friendly competition.

Darrell Jackson, of Mississippi, said he has probably spent about 10 years working on his father’s 1955 Austin Healey.

“I’m a chef so I don’t know anything about mechanic work so everything I do know now I learn from him and most of it was working on British cars.”

A couple of old friend from the London area shared their special link to the brand.

Clive Baker is a former race car driver.

He said he raced Austin Healey sprites in competitions around the world.

“Well I started racing for Donald Healey in 1961.

Donald Healey was the car’s designer and owner of the Don Healey Motor Company.

He and Julian Aubanel called Healey were all friends.

Aubanel said, “He was a wonderful man, very interesting man, and a very clever man. He had a vision and the vision was these cars and you know he got it right because this car is a 1966 and as a 1966 car when you look at it now it still has the demand for people. Everybody likes it.”

The Austin Healey line produced card from 1953 until 1971 after the company merged with another auto dealer.

Experts claim only a few thousand exist around the world.

The conclave will last through Thursday.

The group has several events planned including a race.

At 7:30 sharp Tuesday morning, drivers will hit the pavement at the Texas State Technical College Airport for a competition.

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