Dinas Powys Rotary Club proud to support Blood Bikes Wales

DINAS Powys Rotary Club’s latest donation to Blood Bikes Wales has taken the total amount gifted by the organisation to the charity to over £3,000.

Having been nominated by club president Kevin Fowler as one of the rotary club’s key charities upon taking office last year, Blood Bikes Wales have since been represented at a number of the club’s events including the Dickensian fair and classic car show.

Blood Bikes Wales transport blood, plasma, platelets, samples, vaccines, donor breast-milk and other urgently needed medical items to hospitals at night, weekends and bank holidays. They rely solely on donations to continue carrying out the vital service.

Speaking on behalf of the charity, spokesman David Payne said: “The money raised in the past year by the Dinas Powys Rotary Club was exceptional and will enable us to maintain our professional ‘out of hours’ service, along with an interim ‘in hours’ enhancement service, for the NHS and other charity partners.”

To find out more about Blood Bikes Wales, contact David Payne by email at pr@bloodbikes.wales. You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter – and keep an eye out for them on the road.

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