Orchids to lawn mowers, car club, the veteran fishing trip

Orchids: To those who clean up the sidewalks and streets after they mow their lawns. Keep it up!

Orchids: The Minnesota Education Department is busy ensuring test scores rise. Regional Center for Excellence were developed. We have on in Mountain Iron. Next year immigrant students will be able to take Minnesota math and other tests in their native language — Somali, Hmong or Spanish.

Orchids: To Mike Gornick’s Nuisance Wildlife Control business. Seventeen pests were removed from our property and he repaired the holes they chewed in our building. Great work, Mike. Thanks! (Submitted by Matthew and Carol Raukar)

Orchids: To SuperOne North employees. They all are so helpful and friendly. A great store for senior citizens. They are very patient with questions and help find needed items. (Submitted by Matthew and Carol Raukar)

Orchids: A new overlook to view Minntac in Mountain Iron is a great idea! Tourists would really appreciate it. It would also do wonders for public relations to show how Minntac recycles mine water and reclaims mine land and dumps. I say let’s get it done!

Orchids: To the wind turbine manufacturer who is offering unemployed coal miners free job training for positions at its wind farms in Wyoming. Very patriotic. (Submitted by Marlyn Swanson)

Orchids: To the Bridge Daze committee, United Taconite and Kiewit for sponsoring the bus tours on Aug. 20. Thanks to the employees who spent their Sunday to help put on the tour. It was impressive to see the UTAC pit to help understand the need for relocating the highway and extremely interesting to have a first ride over the new bridge. The porketta by Eveleth IGA was excellent. We look forward to the Bridge Walk in September.

Orchids: To the Dream Machines Car Club and Eveleth Elks for sponsoring two excellent car shows. Even though the two shows were less than a week apart, each show had many different vehicles. Orchids to all the classic car owners who take the time to shine up their cars and bring them to these shows. Orchids to the club members and volunteers who help out on these shows.

Orchids: A boatload of Orchids to represent all the people involved in the Take A Veteran Fishing on Lake Vermilion on Aug. 24 for the fourth annual trip. To the fishing guides and their donated equipment, boats and pontoons, to Fortune Bay and their employees for the continental breakfast, gourmet fish fry and dinner and setup. To all who donated the 90 drawings and Village Inn gift cards to all vets and to the countless volunteers, musicians, picture recorders and reporters. There were eight of us WWII veterans given special recognition. God bless to all mentioned and anyone I missed out on. (Submitted by Don Purkat)

Orchids: To our city of Virginia park employees. They do an excellent job, they are very friendly and courteous. Because they care about our city, we are very fortunate to have them working for us. Thanks so much to all of them!

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